Текст песни Diary Of Dreams - The Saint

I tried to prevent this
How I wished that you were wrong
Bear with me a few more days
You said you foresee things

This is for sure not a coincidence
This is not fate and it's not luck
Maybe it is just meant to be

Give me a moment to wonder
Give me a moment to fall apart
Give me a reason to keep you
Give me a reason for an excuse

We breathe the same air, you know
We feed on the same thoughts
We drink from the same spring

And all this is not enough

We hide from the surface
We want to be left alone
We're searching for reasons
But answers do not exist

A crime is the thought itself
The implementation
Is only the consequence
Come face the things you did

Tell me where you've been
Tell me what you've seen
Tell me what you've heard
Tell me what you felt

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