Текст песни Abe - Movie Stars


I'm really real what you see is really me
Never been fake that's just something I can't be
Most you niggas actors ya'll should be on TV
See, you got 'em all fooled but you can't fool me
Movie Stars, ya'll some movie stars
Most you niggas actors something like some movie stars
But ya'll can't fool me cuz I never believe a thing I see on TV

[Verse 1 (Abe)]

I'm really real a lotta niggas really phony
Oscar myer niggas what they say is really just baloney
Actor of the year you deserve an oscar
Aint nobody scared cuz you are not a monster
You're an imposter you are not a g man
Say that u goon but you hidin when u see them
Tough face on but you are not a demon
When shit pop off you the only one screamin'
Actin ass nigga kinda like Morgan Freeman
Never bust a nigga thing barely even bust his semen
Anything he say make sure u don't believe him
He say he in the streets but the streets never see him


[Verse 2 (Sheed)]
What you know about a nigga better stop playin'
I'll hit yo fuckin' block bitch I aint gon' stop sprayin
I gotta get my money fuck what ya talkin' 'bout
A lame ass nigga runnin game bitch I knock 'em out
These niggas actors give a fuck I clap 'em
Come through and get it nigga talkin' fuckin' wrap 'em
Wrap 'em up get that money then I'm comin back
Give a fuck nigga all the shit you say is wack
I gotta get my scraps bitch I'm goin' ham
Playin games with me you better call ya fam
Comin with dem choppers comin with them nines
Comin with that kush nigga I'm 'bout to blow ya mind

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