Текст песни Karen Bella - Thank You

Thank You
Music and Lyrics by Karen Bonkowski (cc)
Some music by Jonathan David Sloate

It's not autumn but it feels like it where you are
And if someone else approached me I would send them far
Lucky for me They sent me you
And your beaten up car
Personality too cause you know who you are

You embrace me with a melon kiss in the dark
Then you tell me that I'm nerdy but you think it's hot
Spend an evening with you and make this whole stay a good calendar mark
Or I can just walk away play it safe with my heart

It's been so long since I've been treated like I'm art
So be careful cause I'm special I've been torn apart
These few hours with you changed my point of view
I can make a new start
I know just what to do
Inspirational cue
So thank you

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