Текст песни Hell Within - A World to Murder

When will the hand of God
Choke the life from this world of fools?
Eradicate the masses
Crushed under the weight of failure

Await the deathblow
Ripped from your praying hands
A faith transparent
Liberate us
Decimate us

Our fear blinds
Us to the ones who enslave us.
Our world dies
Corruption stands us idle.

All our lives
Devoid of meaning
Endless searching
Silent screaming
For our rotting souls
There is no hope

Lower my broken body down
An unmarked grave
Unwanted mourning
I'll keep my death all for myself
Save all your tears for drowning


Force us down
Bind our wrists
Crush our dreams
Your hopeless God is dying

Let the fires rise
Wash our hands with burning temples
Spill your lungs to empty skies
With baited breath weep prayers unanswered

Fear the collective silence
Sever us from time's division
I tread a million miles
Nothing stole the hate from my eyes
Conceived just to die

The blinding faith in your eyes
Your fear
Your lies
You feel that you'll die
A stitch in time
No one to save you.

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