Текст песни Laura Branigan - Foolish lullaby

You always run to me
Whenever she leaves you
We trade for lust, the fear
But nothing can free you
Too many Poison Arrows hit The heart you've try to hide
Can't you say goodbye
To this foolish lullaby

Still you talk as if
She didn't hurt you
But I see what she did
And you see the virtue
You refuse to hear the words
That lay behind your eyes
Can't you say goodbye
To this foolish lullaby

If you are so sure that she is the one
Why are you laying here with me?
Did it ever cross your mind at all
Of how this feels to me.

I'll never know just what you see in her
I don't even want to try
I guess the both of us
Sing a foolish lullaby

So we'll wear the goodbye look collecting excuses
For all the time it took
To hide the abuses
The thorns around the roses left
Their marks below our eyes
Can't we say goodbye
To this foolish lullaby

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