Текст песни Sheer Terror - Only 13

I once knew a girl, she had the mind of a child
Now I hear them saying; "Hey, that girl is wild"
I had to see it myself before I believe what I heard
And when I did my jaw hit the floor,
And I couldn't speak a word
She goes out on the weekends and she pops her V's and ludes
She's only thirteen years old and she's in her mother's shoes
She's a Friday night dream and a Saturday night scream
From Barbie dolls to tuinols, a vision so obscene
I know you You know me What did they do?
You're only thirteen
Memories aren't worth the tears she may cry
Emotions are only little extras that she may buy to feel
For such a soul would be an unfunny joke
To think that she was the girl next door,
It makes me choke

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